• Introducing the New P1

    Attention P1 Members,

    Due to a number of serious bugs discovered within the P1 system, that we have not been able to iron out or re-code, we have decided to Upgrade the P1 System altogether.

    This new Upgrade Version utilizes an asset which was not available when P1 began, namely the IF. We have effectively merged  P1 with the IF Market/System, which is equally as popular as the original P1. This allows us to now combine the advertising potential and strengths of P1 with the benefits, features, potential and services of The International Forum.

    We invite P1 Members to request entrance into the P1 Café to discuss the new/updated P1 further. In the P1 Forum we have provided a starter/updated FAQ. Any relevant Q & A’s covered in the Café will be added to the official P1 FAQ and additional “Credits” will be added to accounts which have assisted with that.

    Thanks Everyone – looking forward to seeing you in the Café ;)
    Admin Support

  • SLOT FAQ Update

    Attention SLOT Members,

    This is to notify SLOT Members that an existing SLOT FAQ has been updated, to provide additional information for Members.

    SLOT FAQs can be viewed here.

  • itmrkt connectivity

    ITMRKT.com hosting company reports:  NetOps Team is reporting that they’re making steady progress toward restoring connectivity for all customers, but they are not yet able to provide an ETA.

  • ITMRKT server issues resolved

    A quick note to advise ITMRKT.COM Members that the server issues experienced earlier have now been resolved.

    Thank You,

    ITMRKT.COM Admin

  • ITMRKT Server Issues

    ITMRKT’s hosting company is currently experiencing network problems. These issues are affecting ITMRKT’s server.

    ITMRKT admin is awaiting further information from the hosting company.

  • Notice for UACNA Shareholders

    Attention UACNA Shareholders,
    This is a request for all UACNA Shareholders to please login to the IF and post an access request in the S.H.A.P.E. Entranceway.

    We have developments taking place with both S.H.A.P.E. and TM Cash which require us to have the the ability to readily contact UACNA Shareholders. We will be using the S.H.A.PE. Forum to get necessary details and informatiion out to you.

    Thank You.

  • P1 Errors

    Attention P1 Pay Members,
    UACNA Admin are aware of the recurrent credit and converter errors, as well as a few miscellaneous errors, P1 Members are continuing to encounter.

    We have repaired the script several times, however due to some type of failure, those same issues keep re-occurring.
    We have temporarily taken the P1 system off-line while we investigate and attempt to permanently correct these errors.

    Please continue to watch for P1 News and Updates posted here and all P1 Members are encouraged to request entry into the P1 Cafe (Located at the UACNA International Forum) so you can ask your questions directly and also be able to meet with other P1 Members.
    Thank You.
    Admin Support

  • Increase of SLOT Bullion Price

    Just a quick Notice for all SLOT Members, notifying you that the SPOT Price for both SLOT Gold & Silver Bullion has just increased. Price has been updated In-world & Online.

    For further details just go  HERE

    Happy Trading Everyone!

  • UACNA International Forum now Open

    Attention UACNA Members,

    The International Forum has now been removed from its maintenance mode. For the next 6 to 12 hours most areas will be on Read Only, however Members can begin requesting access to various private areas (Whichever Markets you are Associates/Members of) and staff can begin the process of granting access to the areas you require.

    Each individual Market Admins/Teams are taking care of their own individual sections, so there should be a considerable amount of developments within IF over coming days and weeks.

    PLEASE NOTE: When posting in “EntranceWays”, please only post your request to be part of that group and be sure you are familiar with Forum Rules.
    Thanks everyone – We are all looking forward to catching up with all of you.
    UACNA Admin Support

  • SLOT: Recent SLOT Bullion Decrease & Info

    Attention SLOT Members/Traders,
    As you should all be aware, our SLOT Bullion Spot Price dropped significantly earlier today. This decrease in the Spot price was due to recent sales BY SLOT Members/Traders of currently held SLOT Bullion (meaning SLOT Bullion was sold back TO SLOT for current Spot Price, making profits for many SLOT Members/Traders)

    This is a Great time for Members/Traders to purchase SLOT Bullion before the price goes back up again ;)

    Also UACNA Senior Admin notified us earlier today that they are expecting to have IF (International Forum) available and open sometime within the next 12 hours. As soon as we have access to IF we will be setting up a private SLOT Forum where our Members/Traders can come.

    The SLOT Forum will allow Members/Traders to:
    - Compare notes and Trading strategies
    - Get SLOT questions answered by admin & staff
    - Receive “Heads-up” Notifications each time the Spot Price of SLOT Bullion is preparing to change.
    - Receive notifications of in-world progress with SLOT
    - Allow SLOT Members/Traders who may not be able to access Second life in-world (live) , to be as much involved as they can through an online environment.

    Our in-world Vending ATM’s are also coming online very soon, we are expecting sometime within next 6 to 10 hours, we are just waiting on some technical beta testing to be completed. Once our Vendors become available we are going to be sending a series of in-world broadcasts out to all in-world UACNA Affiliates, Associates and Members (Past & Present) making them aware of SLOT and how to get involved. Any in-world SLOT Member/Trader who wishes to become an Authorized SLOT Bullion Dealer only needs to contact Governor Blitz in-world and we’ll be able to provide you with the Vending ATM’s (allowing instant commissions on all sales), door/window logos, plaques and textures which will allow you to advertise yourself as an authorized UACNA SLOT Bullion Dealer and we will work with you to get whatever location you are set-up at, included on a SLOT Directory allowing all Members, Traders and interested parties to be able to locate your shop in-world!

    In the last week alone (prior to recent decrease) our SLOT Bullion increased in value by over 75%, we are expecting to climb to over 200% or more within coming weeks!
    We have a lot of very exciting things happening with SLOT and we are looking very forward to being able to catch up with our Members/Traders in-world and when available at our Forum.

    More to come soon!