• SLOT Market staus changed to Yellow

    SLOT MARKET status has changed to a Yellow Light


    Current SLOT Bullion Statistics Available HERE
    NOTE: To Understand Market Status & View Most Recent Market News, Please See THIS IF Thread.
  • IF downtime

    This is a brief update to advise Members that forum downtime has been extended simply for further modifications and some additional maintenance. Should Members require any assistance in the meantime, you can reach us by email and/or support ticket.

  • Temporary IF Maintenance

    This is just a quick notice to let Members know the International Forum will be down temporarily as we are attempting to install some new requested :) Forum features.






    SLOT Bullion Statistics have been Updated HERE


    NOTE: To Understand Market Status Further Please See THIS post
  • SPOT Price Increase & OPEN Market Pending

    Attention SLOT Members, 
    Just a quick notice to make you all aware the SLOT BULLION SPOT Price has now increased and the SLOT Market is Pending OPEN.

    We have received a number of last minute Account requests from SLOT Traders so we are currently working to get those processed and make sure our In-world Traders are equally aware of news posted online.

    Once the Market is OPEN, a further notification will be broadcasted & posted letting Members know, then any SLOT Trader wishing to Sell Bullion simply needs to log in to their SLOT Account and submit a Support Ticket identifying your SELL REQUEST.   Please be sure to identify amount or which bullion you wish to sell.

    NOTE: We suggest Traders enter in amounts of 10 VO per Sell Request to aid with easier & faster processing of orders. 

    Further Details available at The International Forum  or at the Main  SLOT Website





  • SLOT Bullion Storage

    Members who want their SLOT Bullion stored in the SLOT Vaults must now log in to their SLOT Account and select this product: Bullion Storage Request.

    You WILL NEED to go through the Checkout process, but there is NO Charge to place this order.

    We simply require YOU to submit your Storage Request so that we can properly record it, and so you will have an automated, itemized & tracked invoice for your own records.

    When placing your request, you will need to specify the SL Market Place Order ID# and how many VO’s of SLOT Bullion you are wishing to have stored in our Vaults.

    Once your SLOT Bullion Storage Request has been received it will show a PENDING Status until your IF SHOP Balance has been updated.

    Once your IF balance has been updated, your invoice will then move to PROCESSING status, and will remain there until your Bullion has been SOLD.

    Once your bullion is SOLD, your Invoice will be COMPLETED.

    If you have any questions about this process or simply require further assistance, please log into your SLOT Account and submit a Support Ticket.

    Thank You


  • SLOT Yellow Light Update

    Just a quick Heads up for all SLOT Members,

    The SLOT Market is still CLOSED, but Yellow Light Status has been issued as a new SPOT Price is currently being calculated. As soon as all final figures are in, the SPOT Price will be updated (Increased) and Market will be opening.

    So once again this is just a “Heads Up” for any SLOT Traders wishing to get in before Price Increases and Market Opens. ;) 

    NOTE: To Understand Market Status Further Please See THIS post
  • SSL Certificate & recent website Issue

    Attention UACNA Members,
    We apologize for any errors recently experienced by any of you and we greatly appreciate all the emails and feedback about the issues being experienced.

    We have been working in the background to change/modify a number of our server and service resources. We were not making any mention of any of this until all work had been completed, as we did not expect to have or run into any noticeable difficulties along the way. Having said that, as many of you have noticed and made sure we were aware of, some difficulties have been experienced.
    We believe, minus a few minor cosmetic issues, that most of the site errors should now be back in order and working properly.

    PLEASE NOTE: None of our uacna.org pages will be using SLL Certificate features until all server/service resources have finished being modified and/or possibly relocated. We will of course update Members when this process has been completed. Until then if any of you have any http(s) locations at UACNA.org bookmarked, please replace those with just the http:// locations for the time being.

    Also for any of you who have not been in direct communications and/or working with us over the last few days, please just bear with a little longer. We know many of you have emails; various support Tickets and even some Forum posts which need to be addressed. As all this server/service work has been taking place we have been doing our best to catch up with everyone as quickly as we can.

    We thank you all for your assistance and support, additional news & updates are currently being prepared and should be out within the next few days.

  • SLOT Sell Orders Processed & SPOT Price changes

    All submiited SLOT Bullion Sell orders have been processed. There are a few Members/Traders we are also still trying to locate.

    SPOT Price changes and Updated Data can be found on the IF HERE and HERE.


    Just a quick Notice for all SLOT Members/Traders who have so far submitted SLOT Sell orders in-world, online and/or in The International Forum Publically or Privately.

    All Sell orders are currently being processed and will be responded to in the order received.

    Also “Heads Up” for any Members/Traders who may not yet have taken advantage of SLOT Market being OPEN. SLOT Market shall be CLOSING Soon.

    Further Data, News, Statistics, and Updates will be posted after Sell orders are Complete and Market has Closed.

    (originally posted on IF HERE)