• SLOT – Seeking Authorized Bullion Dealers

    SLOT In-world is now fully operational and we are seeking any In-world Associates/Members who may wish to sign up as Authorized UACNA SLOT Bullion Dealers. Read FULL UPDATE on the International Forum Here.

  • For ALL UACNA Members

    ATTENTION ALL UACNA MEMBERS OF ANY YEAR that have been involved with us since IT4US, please see this announcement. It’s very important.

  • Pending UACNA Announcement

    Based on an upcoming announcement due to be posted within the next 24-48 hours, we are going to be opening general International Forum (IF) posting for all Members, so that all Members will be able to discuss and properly review the content posted and the Announcement which is being made available..
    Any and every Member of UACNA, going back several years, including the original IT4Us Members, may be interested in the news about to be posted. PLEASE spread the word!

    Forum posting should be available within the next 3 to 5 days. Until then all of you can be revewing the content posted.

    Thanks So Much
    The CORE

  • UACNA Shareholder update


    A Shareholder update has been posted in the IF under “S.H.A.P.E. News & Announcements”. Please log in to read the latest developments and to post your comments and questions in the Shareholder VIP Cafe.

    Any Shareholder who does not yet have access to the Shareholder VIP Cafe, please refer to the following S.H.A.P.E. Requirements.

    Thank You.

  • Notice to UACNA Shareholders & 4Windz Members

    General Shareholders
    Important information that pertains to all Shareholders can be found in the IF under S.H.A.P.E. News & Announcements.

    VIP Shareholders
    For Shareholders who are verified, the VIP Cafe is open and available for posting.

    An important announcement regarding new payment options for the 4Windz website has been posted in 4Windz News and Announcements.

    For general inquiries, Members may contact admin@uacna.org

  • Update and Important Information for all UACNA Network Members

    Due to the unexpected and severely extended “Maintenance” Period which a number of UACNA Network sites were recently forced into, we will be explaining in detail (Depending on Associate, Client and/or Membership Levels) all needed information required for our Associates and Members within the IF Forum

    Registration to the UACNA International Forum has temporarily been suspended, however existing Associates/Members who have access will now be able to access their own individual Associate, Client and/or Member accounts and Market areas for information relevant for them.
    PLEASE NOTE: Some areas/forums may be offline or unavailable as “reconstruction” is taking place in a few areas. Details for areas which are unavailable will be provided in selected Forums.
    Over the next week, websites previously placed on maintenance and/or suspended will once again be operational. Associates, Clients and/or Members who are part of or otherwise affiliated with these Markets/Sites will be provided with more detailed information through either the Markets themselves or through the International Forum.

    Updates and other general “News” will continue to be posted on our UACNA News Page


  • technical update

    We have had lots of technical issues, mostly computer related – and we hope to have an update out as soon as it will be possible. :)
    Thank You,

    Admin Support

  • Technical Crash

    We have had a technical crash while performing the maintenance work we were doing. Websites will be back up as soon as we get that worked through.

  • 4Windz/IF Temporary Maintenance

    Attention UACNA Members,

    Just a quick notice letting everyone know we are making a few modifications to recently updated products at 4Windz and The International Forum. Therefore, sometime in the next 4 to 8 hours (Soon as Team Members are ready), we will be taking 4Windz and IF (International Forum) offline for a few hours.

    Follow-up announcements and more detailed information will be broadcasted and posted as soon as the pages come back online.

    A Big Thank You to all of you who have been providing feedback and suggestions, it is forom that feedback and suggestions this work is currently taking place.

    Working together what we have to offer, just becomes better & Better.

    Thank You,
    UACNA Admin Support

  • 4Windz, IF & SLOT update

    UACNA Vouchers are now available at 4Windz for purchase by Forum Credits. We are, however, taking advantage of this downtime to make additional modifications due to some much needed maintenance with 4Windz and The International Forum (IF). SLOT has also been taken offline as it is involved in some of the same work. SLOT In-world options are of course still fully operational.

    Once 4Windz & IF are back online, sometime within the next 6 to 8 hours, all normal activities will resume and UACNA Vouchers will be available for purchase via PayPal, L$’s and/or Forum Credits.

    Additional Announcements and News will be forthcoming as soon as all sites have completed Maintenance and are back online. :)